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Jury Nullified is a must read that everyone will find interesting and information. Jury Nullified explores and reveals the hidden truth about the coveted jury trial system in America. While jurors conscientiously struggle to reach a fair and just verdict, the judge may have already determined the verdict.


Copyright @ 2019

Author: David T. Kaye, Esq.

Publisher: David Taylor Kaye

ISBN 978-0-578-42820-8

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Many books have been written over the years about jury trials. Some of the most well known trial attorneys in the country have authored books about famous high profile cases. There are humorous lawyer joke books, and books about various captivating and sensational trials. There are authoritative books by authors with unquestionably impressive pedigree and credentials, and there are scholarly legal treatises where each page contains more citations than text.  

Jury Nullified is none of these. Jury Nullified is a book written by a veteran trial attorney who spent more than two decades wearing out the leather of his shoes traveling from courthouse to courthouse engaged in trial. In this book the author shares a unique perspective and the opportunity to compare and contrast the manner in which different judges preside over criminal jury trials, and the impact those differences can make on the outcome of the trial.